Neon Bathing Suits

Neon Bathing Suits

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Summer is here and that means one thing its time for beautiful Lisa to pack a few things and head to the seaside for a relaxing sunbathing session on her yacht Shes going to spend the entire morning preparing for it and she could surely use your precious helping hand Come and join her in getting the Neon Bathing Suits game started and first of all see if you could design a neon bathing suit for our fancy girl here Select its shape and a few bold colors in order to make sure you come up with a unique design for Lisas bathing suit Next youll have to shave her legs and armpit by using a delicate shaving foam and a razor Dont forget to also apply some sunblock and then you can put on the neon bathing suit youve created at the beginning of the game Choose a matching pair of flipflops a pretty hair accessories and some sparkling jewelries and a pair of oversized sunglasses Great job ladies Now how much should we let her enjoy the warm sun rays

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