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Meet the Team Green ladies Three of your favorite Disney Princesses have made a huge commitment and they kinda need a super talented fashion adviser to help them keep up with it They are going to wear only Ecofriendly clothing pieces and accessories because they want to attract more attention to protecting the environment so get ready to discover their personal collection filled with fashionable clothes made of organic cotton Step in getting the Princess Team Green dress up game for girls started and see whats hidden in princess Ariels very personal wardrobe go though her collection of signature hairstyles and select the one you fancy the most then browse though her selection of tops bottoms and dresses made from organic cotton and available in an array of soft colors and pick out a few to dress her up with Complete your selection with statement shoes glittering jewelries and a designer purse as well Next in line is princess Mulan Modern kimono tops ruffled shirts loose skirts shorts chic wrapped dresses as well as sparkling jewelries and shoes made of Ecofriendly fabrics are available in her modern wardrobe too you just need to find a jawdropping mix for our beautiful blackhaired Disney princess What about princess Tiana What green shade will you pick for her sun kissed skin ladies There are plenty in her wardrobe so just feel free to select the ones you fancy the most Dont forget to accessorize the chosen outfit with a new hairstyle and the right jewelries Have a great time playing the Princess Team Green dress up game for girls

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