Snow White Patchwork

Snow White Patchwork

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One beautiful Disney princess the Fairest of Them All is now ready to order her very first designer dress Her name is Snow White and we all know her from the famous Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs story Well girls it seems that Snow Whites satin blue and yellow dress got all messed up while our beloved princess was picking the apples so she would love something new as adorable as the previous was The only thing she would change is the fabric and this time she would love to try the playful patchwork patterns As her personal designer will be your task to come up with the right top for our cutie pie and the right skirt to pair the upper part Dare to propose her a different type of blouse with long sleeves bows or bodiced tops beautifully adorned with buttons and once the main decision was taken you can go to the next page of the game and choose some bright shades for it or even some playful patterns Then for the skirt you have two options the block style skirt and the pinwheel skirt so just take a closer look and decide which one fits Cover it in your favorite colors and prints and once youre done with your work you can accessories it with a new hairstyle shoes and mindblowing jewelries Have a great time playing the Snow White Patchwork Dress game

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